A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion and Education | Noah Webster Educational Foundation

A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion and Education

A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion and Education



Noah Webster Educational Foundation hosts
A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion and Education


Bedford, VA: The Noah Webster Educational Foundation (NWEF), a  nonprofit dedicated to improving education in America,  will livestream a  Q&A Panel to discuss the role of faith and morality in education on Thursday, October 21st at 7 p.m. EST.

The event will be livestreamed from EastLake Community Church in Moneta, Virginia. (Note that the event is not sponsored by EastLake Community Church.) Those who wish to attend the event  in person may do so. This event can also be attended virtually through NWEF’s Facebook page. 

For this panel entitled A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion and Education, NWEF President Melvin Adams will be joined by four guest panelists:  Brent Hudson, the Roanoke County Chief Deputy Sheriff; Mike Miller, the Bedford County Sheriff; Kenyon Knapp,  a professor and licensed clinical psychologist; and Thomas McCracken, a local pastor and educator.

NWEF believes that human beings are  physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual in nature. During a child’s education, he will encounter many ideas that will require him to form opinions and beliefs. Because personal beliefs are an inescapable part of being human,  a thorough education will equip every child to think critically and act appropriately.

“[It all] boils down to the question ‘Does character matter?’” said NWEF President Melvin Adams in preparation for this event. “What measures of judgment does good character help to form in a person's life and how does that judgment benefit the individual as well as others?” 

“How much character formation is ideally developed in the home? How much of it should be supported in our communities?” Adams pointed out pivotal questions to consider.  “In the case of children, who spend the vast majority of their time and have most of their relationships at school, what support should character formation get at school? What should that look like in the culture of the classroom and campus, and in instruction?”

It is the goal of NWEF and their guest panelists to answer these questions and more on the topic of faith and religion in schools at their event on Thursday, October 21. 

About Noah Webster Educational Foundation: The Noah Webster Educational Foundation is a non-profit based in Bedford, Virginia. NWEF seeks to improve America’s education by facilitating nationwide conversations to raise awareness of the current state and future potential of education. We work toward this goal by 1.) capturing and telling stories, 2.) creating documentaries, 3.) promoting best practices and core principles, and 4.) equipping people for proactive engagement. NWEF focuses on the roles and impact of instruction, parents, government, faith and morality, and facilities on education. Visit www.nwef.org to learn more.

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