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Want to help? We are a nonprofit public charity organization that operates because of gifts from friends like you! Your partnership will enable us to grow and impact others—whether your gift is one-time or monthly, $5 or $5,000. Here’s how your contribution can help:
  • $5/mo helps us keep you informed.
  • $15 helps us connect with more parents on social media. With this amount, we can reach around 1,000 people online through ads and promoted posts!
  • $50 helps us meet prospective donors and tell them about the work we're doing as an organization.
  • $100 helps fund an evidence-based blog article packed with information for parents, educators, and legislators navigating the tangled web of ideas in education.
  • $250 helps create a promotional video, one of the best ways to tell people about new projects or inspire them to action.
  • $500/mo helps to sponsor an interview, panel discussion, or training for a school board candidate.
  • Your gift of $1,000 or more enables us to develop new projects, including interactive online resources, new training courses, podcasts, and documentaries! 
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Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
To change education and culture through foundational principles and sound policy.

Our Mission:
To educate and collaborate with individuals and organizations to tell the story of America’s education and culture, identify foundational principles that improve it, and advance practice and policy to change it.